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Ideas for Luxury Bathroom Remodeling: 6 Ways to Relax the Most

Feb 2
Luxury bathroom remodels in St. Louis, MO are especially interesting because they bring together parts of the house that are usually in different rooms. Beautiful water and plumbing features and useful upgrades can make you feel like you're living in a five-star hotel all year.

Ideas for remodeling a bathroom that is of the highest quality

As you start to plan your luxury bathroom remodel, you should start by getting some ideas. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a luxury bathroom makeover that will help you feel the most at ease.

1. Make your bathroom bigger.

Even though not every luxury bathroom needs to be big, it's time to expand if your current space is limiting your style. Even a few extra square feet can make the difference between a full walk-in shower and the soaker tub of your dreams. You should feel like you have room to breathe in a big, fancy bathroom. If you can't add square footage, you might be able to get the extra space you need by making changes to the layout.

2. Make your bathroom a better place to store things.

You can forget about the time you and your sister got into a fight over a tiny bit of counter space when you were in elementary school. Maybe you don't have to think too hard to remember when you were in college and had to cram all of your bathroom and toiletries into a small plastic tote.
As part of the experience, storage is a big part of luxury bathrooms. Think of creative ways to deal with hair dryers with odd shapes, the perfect towel corner, and even "yours" and "mine" zones. A luxurious bath has a place for everything, so you can spend less time looking for your favorite toiletries and more time relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.

3. Add more light to your bathroom.

Not only can high-end bathrooms handle a lot of light, but they also need it. When you redo your luxury bathroom, you should use both natural and artificial light. Why not put in several windows or a skylight? Think about how your lighting could work in different areas. Even better, add a whole chandelier or a fancy feature light to your room to make it look fancier.
A good builder or designer will focus on helping you choose the right lighting for your luxury bathroom.

4. Put in plumbing and fixtures of high quality.

When you use a feature in a luxury bath, you always leave thinking, "This is something special." So, we tell our customers to try out different things with their plumbing and water fixtures. Add a (or two!) programmable shower heads. Add a jacuzzi or soaker tub to your bathroom. Add a toilet with a warm seat. The water coming out of faucets like a waterfall is a nice touch.

5. Consider unusual bathroom elements.

You won't find any cheap Formica countertops or cabinets here. In a luxury bathroom makeover, the focus is on the custom parts. We like to have custom cabinets made (with clever storage) and use beautiful stone and tile all over the space. We also like to think about what different textures we want in the space.
If you really want to make your bathroom beautiful, choose one-of-a-kind items. We've made bespoke vanities, water closets, fireplaces, marble sinks, backsplashes, and showers.

6. Pay attention to finishing touches and small details.

The main difference between a regular bathroom remodel and a luxury bathroom remodels is the fine details and finishes. Think about the metals you want your faucets and fixtures to be made of. You might find unique drawer pulls that give the room a touch of elegance. Maybe you'll use the money from your fancy bath to buy personalized wallpaper. Maybe there are two sinks, heated towel racks, or electronic controls on the wall.
The last details and finishes make a bathroom more luxurious. You could add a flat-screen TV, a lot of plants, or a wine fridge. Talk to your designer about the last few details. Every square inch counts in a luxury bathroom, so think of things that aren't just useful but also fun.


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