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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing can be a key process

Jun 24

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing can be a key process

What is cabinet faceting?

Cabinet refacing, also known as cabinet resurfacing, is a time-and-money-saving process that has transformed countless kitchens for decades. This method can be as efficient as half the cost of all new cabinetry. That's some great news!

Do you think cabinet refacing is the right choice?

Are you happy about your current kitchen layout? Are your existing cabinets sound? Are your storage options sufficient If the answer is yes, congratulations! You are most likely to be a candidate for cabinet refacing. A complete kitchen renovation or custom cabinetry may be your best option. However, new kitchen cupboards could be the best way to go.

Are all refacing companies of the same quality and service?

Attention homeowners Not all cabinet-refacing companies will be equal. Some remodeling companies may glue a single piece of veneer or laminate on top of the doors. In the event that inferior veneer or laminate tears, wear, or is lost, the homeowner may not be able to repair it.

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing has a different approach. They use superior materials and have them expertly installed using an exclusive permanent dual lamination process. All exterior cabinets are covered with a final laminate or natural-wood refacing layer. The result is a distinctive, new look that transforms your home's kitchen into something truly special.

Is cabinet refaces possible with stunning style?

Yes! You can choose from hundreds of colors. With your new cabinetry, you can reach the ceiling. No problem. Are you looking for storage pullouts or other solutions to your problem? We can help! Change up the style of your front door with the latest shaker design in the most popular colors.

How much time is refacing worth?

For most homeowners, the average downtime is approximately one week for kitchen cabinet refacing. It may take longer to install additional materials like countertops, backsplash tile, or flooring.

Looking for custom cabinetry

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing was founded in 1980 and has served homeowners since. Our kitchen professionals are available to assist with all your kitchen remodeling requirements.

Are you interested in learning more? Do you not know where to start looking? Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing has the answer! Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing invites you to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation design consult. Or, schedule online now!


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