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Jun 24


It's possible to know it's time for your upholstered furniture to be cleaned but not know-how. If you have ever tried DIY upholstery cleans, you know that they aren't as thorough or as effective as you thought.

Your furniture will look its best when you partner with a professional upholstery cleaner. Professional upholstery cleaning can give you peace of your mind by keeping your favorite furniture in top condition. Henderson Carpet Cleaners uses a thorough process to clean your home. This will help you feel more comfortable.

Henderson Carpet Cleaners has more information about professional upholstery cleaning. Below is a list of common questions, along with detailed answers from experts. This information will allow you to make sure that your upholstered furniture is clean and healthy.

Answers to Your Upholstery Cleaning Problems

How often should I clean my upholstered furniture?

There are several factors that will determine the frequency with which upholstered furniture must be cleaned. First, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations. Manufacturers typically recommend that upholstery furniture be cleaned professionally every 24-48months.

Children and pets may require you to clean your upholstery more often. You might also consider cleaning upholstery more often if your family has asthma or allergies.

Is the process of cleaning upholstery the same as that of carpet cleaning.

Upholstery can be more delicate than carpet. This means that it must be cleaned with care. The cleaning process can also cause damage.

Hot Carbonating extraction is a great way to clean upholstery and carpets. Our carbonated solution releases dirt from the upholstery fibers. This liquid solution removes the contaminants, leaving your furniture clean and free from any harsh scrubbing or excess water.

Why is it important that my upholstery be professionally cleaned?

Even in homes with carpeted floors, upholstered furniture plays an important part in trapping dust, allergens, and other particles. Professional upholstery cleaning is a thorough process that will clean your hardworking furniture.

Our expert technicians can help remove harmful contaminants from the air by cleaning your upholstered furniture. Regular cleanings are necessary to ensure your upholstery isn’t clogged with dust and other debris. Furthermore, our upholstery cleaning will make it look, feel, and smell amazing. This is something that cannot be said about traditional DIY methods.

Do professional cleaning services remove stains?

Yes! Yes. We use cutting-edge processes to gently remove the underlying causes of stains.

Protecting your furniture from future spills can be done with our Protectant Package. This protects fabrics and their delicate fibers from staining.

What is the drying time for upholstery cleaning?

Because the Hot Carbonating Extraction process does NOT require excessive water use, furniture will dry more quickly than traditional cleaning techniques. Most clients report that their furniture will dry in just a few hours. Certain fabrics and pieces with high levels of soil may require drying overnight.

Can you clean my leather and suede furniture too?

Visit one of our Certified leather specialists to get the best cleaner for your leather or suede upholstery. Our leather specialists will make your leather upholstery shine! They can also restore or protect leather furnishings. With our help, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your leather sofa and couch.

Do you have any questions about professional Upholstery Cleaning? Henderson Carpet Cleaners will help you get started.,161166,henderson-carpet-cleaners,sdsadsad.html


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