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Top Reasons To Consider Installing a Whole-Home Humidifier

Jun 13

Top Reasons To Consider Installing a Whole-Home Humidifier

Humidity measures the percentage of moisture in the atmosphere. Low or high humidity can cause problems with comfort and HVAC efficiency. Extremely high humidity levels can cause long-term damage and permanent destruction to your furniture, the home's finishes, as well as your belongings. To enjoy the many health benefits of a healthy home, you should maintain a humidity of 40-50%. Whole-house humidifiers can be used to keep your home at this ideal humidity level.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The humidity level in your home will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system. Humidity in the home has a greater heat capacity than dry air. Therefore, a warmer environment can be caused by higher humidity levels. You should reduce humidity in your home during summer to maximize cooling efficiency. However, humidity can be added to wintertime air to increase furnace efficiency. You can improve indoor comfort by using a whole-home humidifier to maintain a 40-50% humidity level in winter. You will be able to lower your heating bills, reduce stress on your furnace, and save money on heating.

Healthier Indoor Air

Exposure to dry, long-term air can have a number of adverse health effects. These include dry skin and irritation of the eyes, noses, mouths, throats, and lungs. Dry air can also exacerbate chronic conditions, such as eczema. Cool, dry conditions are a breeding ground for the flu virus. Your family is more likely to catch it in the coldest, most dry months of the year. By keeping your indoor humidity at a healthy level, your family can enjoy a healthier indoor environment all year. Maintaining the proper humidity levels in your home during winter will help reduce symptoms and the risk of viral or bacterial infections.

Our air conditioning and heating professionals are here to help you manage HVAC breakdowns and tune-ups. However, we also specialize indoor air quality services. This includes whole-home humidifiers and cleaners that will create the perfect indoor environment. To learn more about our range of home comfort and healthcare services, including home maintenance programs that will ensure that your furnace is running all year, and your humidifier, humidifier, or heater is in top condition, visit us on the Internet. Our monthly blog will provide you with more home heating tips and cool news.


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